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Seven Top Designers Breath New Life Into Classic Pieces

When seven top Designers were asked to breath new life into classic, William Switzer furniture pieces, we selected the Louis XV1 Classic Armchair, reproduced from an "original" held in the William Switzer Collection. We have renamed it "Nuit", Louis Seize Modern Armchair. Here’s the story:

Many years ago, I had the opportunity to spend a summer in a small Ligurian village in Italy. Every morning on my way to the market I passed two local craftmen laboriously carving furniture pieces on the sole pathway through this mountaintop village. During that summer I also met with the Switzers' and one of their furniture makers in Florence. I have always felt inspired by this experience and welcomed the opportunity to envision these traditional chairs in way that translates in modern vernacular.

It is my hope that we can capture the soulfulness of these hand carved furniture pieces by introducing materials that will infuse new life and interest.

Fast forwarding to today's modern lifestyle, the elegance and small scale of this chair makes it highly adaptable to a number of uses and it is particularly well-suited to today's more compact living spaces.

We wanted to showcase the ornate frame and traditional handcraftsmanship of this chair contrasting it with the selection of a new age material.

Hence the notion of acrylic, or injected polycarbonate to form seat and back cushions was envisioned. We chose a dark grey, acrylic to contrast with the natural, carved beach chair frame calling it "Nuit". The companion to this chair would be named "Jour" an armless version in clear acrylic with a smoked grey carved frame.

With the marriage of old world craftsmanship and new world technologies, we hope to create a furniture piece that is classic, delightful and functional in every sense.

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