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Hungry in Portland

On a recent trip to Portland we experienced a veritable food fest! Home of the food cart revolution, Portland boasts 500+ food carts spread throughout the city. Coming from Vancouver, the centre of our food universe was forever recalibrated.

Also, see below for a list of just some of the unique eateries we discovered in this food Mecca, courtesy of local, dedicated Foodie clients and friends.

For donuts try: Salt & Straw on NW 23rd, a new trendy area of Portland and Voodoo Donuts on SW 3rd Ave

For brunch try: Beast on NE 30th Ave. Walk down to Alberta St., a real cultural hub

For dinner try: Andina in the Pearl District for Novoperuvian Cuisine

For late night drinks try: The Jackknife Bar at the Sentinel Hotel

And some other recommendations include: Pok Pok, Le Pigeon, Bunk and Woodsman or just have fun discovering your own gems. For more on the amazing food carts of Portland, check out CARTopia by Kelly Rogers & Kelly Roy. articles (continued)

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