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BBA Design Challange... Salt: Small Lobby, Big Impact

Located between Downtown and Yaletown sits a neighbourhood that is quickly getting a makeover. The corner of Hornby and Drake sits right in the middle and the latest Concert Properties building, "Salt", occupies that corner. When BBA first began looking at the public spaces and developing a concept, the approach was bold and innovative. The main lobby is compact and sits right on Hornby Street. Sharon and Jennifer took the marketing colour, a coral red, and 3 pendants first installed at the Presentation Centre and developed a welcoming space that feels big, bold and exciting.

Although small, this lobby has impact. Upon entering, the long wall on the north side is prime real estate for a feature wall and the perfect opportunity to incorporate some innovative lighting. The wall is clad with painted, white millwork panels and is cut around 8 niches of various sizes. Each niche carried an edge lit LED panel with a coloured resin face. By creating these niches the wall became a dynamic, light source. Another bold element to the lobby was the re-use of 3 large pendants from Vibia Lighting. The discs are 4’ in diameter and are hung slightly askew, creating a dynamic and strong statement. Enroute to the elevator lobby, BBA cladded the entire back wall with glossy, black porcelain tiles. This black wall reflects the colours it niches creating an illusion of a longer, larger lobby.

On the opposite side of the lobby is a wood cladded wall enclosing the mail area. The wood veneer is Sapelli and is a rich chocolate brown colour. The wood adds depth and richness adding to the overall feel of the lobby.

Salt's amenities are located on the second floor; the fitness room, public washroom, common room and rooftop garden. The common room is a bright, double height space with a long kitchen, 10' open island and entertainment area. Over the island, 2 large Foscarini Fly pendants in coral red , whimsical and bold, have been hung.

Although Salt's public areas are small spaces, they pack a punch. BBA's use of innovative lighting techniques, colour and strong shapes has created dynamic spaces for the residents and guests alike.

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