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The Value of Art in the Corporate Environment

As a practicing art dealer for 16 years in Vancouver, my experience with corporate collecting in Canada and in the USA is that many companies have varying degrees of art knowledge, either from an art consultant who has been working on the collection with parameters in place over several years, or from a head officer/owner of the business who has a personal passion and interest for both art and their company. With that said, a good interior designer can also assist with an existing collection as a new eye definitely provides a clear understanding of how the space should interact with clients and how the art will be part of the overall design and concept.

In a recent renovation for Anthem Properties, BBA Design has incorporated two photographs by Vancouver based photography artist David Burdeny that the Owner had previously acquired. Sharon's suggestion was to use the inherent qualities of perfectly balanced, one-point perspectives of Burdeny's art to be the first impression of the company, replacing the usual company logo at the reception. This presents to visitors to the office an immediate impression that the company is entirely secure in their identity that they would rather show a symbol of their "personality" through their art collection. It says the company is contemporary, forward thinking, reliable and has worldly vision. Also, the company having chosen the art originally, confirms the same clear and strong message through their personal interactions with their clients.

Art collecting, whether it is for a private or corporate collection, is an ongoing engagement with the collective consciousness of our world because the artist's work is a reflection of their impressions and reactions and so too is the person who chooses their art. When all the players are seamlessly incorporated, the success is longstanding

by Jennifer Kostiuk
Owner, Jennifer Kostiuk Gallery

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