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Example 1: Located at Era in Victoria
The 508 sq. ft. display suite at Era in Victoria presents the challenge of delivering a well-considered and designed functional living space. As units become more compact, the need for the creative use of available space continues to increase. BBA developed a unique solution in making this small, open space work. A custom bench is used to define the dining area and eliminate the need for multiple chairs. Adjacent to the bench is a condo-sized sofa which then anchors the living area. The scale as well as the colours, forms and fabrics are coordinated to bring cohesiveness to the living/dining area. The single dining chair can swing around to be used as living room seating. The matching desk chair can also be pulled either into the living room or to the dining table. This multi-functionality is key making small spaces work.

Example 2: Located at Fremont Green in Coquitlam
Increasing storage without taking up valuable space was the objective when BBA designed the custom dining millwork in one of the display homes at Fremont Green in Coquitlam. The integrated dining table is tucked right up to the millwork cabinets allowing for increased circulation space making the room feel more spacious. The oversized mirror above the cabinet ledge visually enlarges the area and reflects more light.

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