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What lead me to begin this rant in the first place is the proliferation of magazines, ads, catalogues and e-blasts advertising the latest products that we consumers apparently seem to need.

I suppose that I shouldn’t be one to complain as new products and sources are what we designers thrive on to make our work unique. However, there now seems to be more products available that are so similar in appearance making it difficult to distinguish one from the other.

I get that manufacturing is a good thing and helps keep the global economy in motion but do we really need to consume new products to replace the old ones at the current accelerated rate? And what happens to these products when we get tired of them?

Well, we have some suggestions as we are all about decreasing clutter, employing the principles of simplicity and timelessness in our work and everyday lives and finding unique ways to repurpose some of our furnishings, artwork and artifacts.

Let's begin with clutter. Do we really need all those chachkas?? Would a few well-chosen, memorable pieces from our travels not suffice? There is something to be said about being able to put your feet up on a coffee table from time to time without knocking over the entire curated collection of underappreciated items. Clutter doesn't always make a space feel like home. Perhaps re gift or repurpose something before buying something new.

The principles of timelessness and simplicity have served our firm well over the years and we are proud of the longevity of the designs and finishes we have achieved in our projects.

Many of our hotel projects alone have long surpassed the 7-year replacement date of finishes and furnishings without appearing tired or dated. Beautiful finishes and furnishings, well chosen stand the test of time. Be mindful of your next purchase and ask yourself if it meets these criteria of longevity, simplicity and timelessness.

The next tip is to move or reassign your artwork, objet d’art and furnishings to a new location in your home. Tired of that piece of artwork over your fireplace? Switch it with another piece from another area of your home. Moving some of your favorite sculptures, art objects and vases around from time to time can give your home a fresh new feel. Or if you really have to buy that fabulous piece of art then re-gift an older piece to a relative, good friend etc. so that they may enjoy it.

Got an old antique that at first glance, just doesn’t go with that new modern interior? Don’t be so sure about that. The contrast of those traditional lines and textures will add some real interest and you may be pleasantly surprised with what sassy new upholstery and a coat of fresh wood stain might do to add character to your room.

But how can we recycle or repurpose an object? Well, now comes the real tip where you can bring out that designer within and have some real fun creating unique one-off objects.

Brigido Libut in our office found some innovative ways. His old camcorder camera was no longer functioning so he took the tripod base, added a shade and turned it into a beautiful floor lamp.apartment renovation

When BBA moved our office a few years ago, we had many picture frames with old office photos we decided not to take with us. Brigido found a great way to reuse these frames by back painting the back of the glass in an array of brightly coloured acrylic paint creating a fun piece of art.

I could list many more examples of recycling and repurposing but the real point I am trying to make is to be more discerning when selecting objects of art, furnishings and finishes for our homes. Select them mindfully, lovingly and with a view towards making a lesser footprint. And thus concludes the rant.

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